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What is the difference between CBD and THC ?

THC and CBD have often been mixed up: they were both put in the same basket behind the label “cannabis”, this word designating (wrongly) this drug widely consumed even if illegal in France.

However, THC and CBD are not the same compounds and have diametrically opposed properties, despite the fact that they come from the same origin.

Discover today what is the difference between CBD and THC.

What is THC exactly? ?

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is a natural compound derived from a plant: hemp, also called cannabis. From this plant we can now extract a whole bunch of active ingredients called cannabinoids. These natural chemicals (in this case) can activate receptors already present in our body.

Thus, consuming cannabinoids can have a direct effect on our body.

But natural does not necessarily mean good for your health, especially when we talk about THC.

The THC what it is exactly?

What are these effects ?

The consumption of THC leads to immediate effects sought by those who consume this recreational cannabis:

  • Relaxation, relaxation, even euphoria;
  • Perceptual changes (THC is a psychoactive compound).

Among the immediate side effects of THC consumption are :

  • Dry mouth;
  • Palpitations;
  • Increased appetite.

What is CBD ?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is also a cannabinoid just like THC. Extracted from hemp, it is a natural active ingredient that can be found in the composition of many products today such as CBD oil, CBD eliquids, candies or even infusions.

A difference between CBD and THC is that, unlike THC, the consumption of CBD is totally legal in France.

This difference in legislation is mainly due to the fact that CBD-based products have no psychoactive effects (consuming CBD will not make you high) and are not dangerous for your health: yet another difference between CBD and THC. Indeed, CBD is very well tolerated by our body and even brings many benefits, reason for its recent popularity in the alternative medicine.

What is CBD?

What are these effects ?

Contrary to what one might think about plants, CBD is devilishly effective in many areas, and it is even scientifically proven !

Here are some positive effects of CBD:

  • antispasmodic The CBD helps the muscular relaxation;
  • anticonvulsant The first scientific studies on the use of CBD in medicine were mainly focused on epileptic patients. Cannabidiol is a good way to help them by soothing the symptoms of epilepsy;
  • anti-emetic Dry mouth : CBD is effective against nausea ;
  • anxiolytic It is one of the most sought after effects of CBD. Indeed, CBD allows you to relax and soothe yourself to fight stress and anxiety;
  • anti-inflammatory The strength of plants should not be underestimated. CBD has indeed analgesic properties which allows to fight pain, even chronic;
  • neuroprotective Lung cancer : our brain is certainly an organ that we do not necessarily think to take care of. CBD can act directly on our nervous system to protect our neurons;
  • fights against addictions One of the most powerful effects of CBD is the fact that this natural compound is effective to get rid of an addiction even heavy and strong (opiate, THC, alcohol, tobacco, etc.).).

On the side of the negative effects, there is not much world since the CBD is an ingredient very well tolerated by the human body. Another difference between CBD and THC: there are almost no side effects to the consumption of CBD if the dosages are correctly respected.

What are the risks of consuming THC ?

We told you above, an important difference between CBD and THC is the danger of the product:

  • On the one hand, CBD is perfectly tolerated by our body, has few side effects and has powerful therapeutic virtues on which scientific research is seriously looking into. ;
  • On the other hand, THC already has unpleasant immediate side effects, but also entrainent heavy risks on the long term.

Here are the risks of consuming THC :

  • Addiction: by regularly consuming THC, you risk developing a strong dependence;
  • Social isolation;
  • Brain-related disorders: drop in motivation, anxiety, delusions..
  • Lung cancer.

The difference between CBD and THC is not limited to a simple name. If the first one can bring real benefits for your health, the other one is much more devastating and dangerous for the body. Comble of nature, CBD can be used to get rid of an addiction to THC !

Be careful, CBD is a powerful product and should not be consumed blindly. Ask about the appropriate dosage and do not hesitate to talk to your doctor.

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