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The gas stove: a comforting energy solution

What could be more comforting in winter than a flame burning inside our home ? Fireplaces and stoves offer more than just warmth, they also warm up our living spaces by their presence in our interior design. Let’s take a look at the qualities of gas stoves and what they bring to your home.

Easy to use

Many gas stove models are now very easy to use, thanks to a remote control that allows you to effectively regulate the temperature throughout the day. They are a friendly source of heat and resemble the wood stove with its flame burning in its den. But unlike this one, it requires no fuel storage and is very easy to maintain.

High energy efficiency

Today, gas stoves are frequently used as secondary heaters because the few extra degrees they provide can save on household expenses. It is, in fact, recognized for its energy efficiency since it has a high yield and it loses practically no heat.

In order to enjoy the flames of the gas stove, one must make sure that it does not heat too much, otherwise the flames disappear and the heat production unnecessarily exceeds the needs to heat the house.

Some advantages of the gas stove

At the aesthetic level, the gas stove It comes in a wide variety of forms and finishes, which allows it to become a real pain’easily adaptable to all styles of’interiors. They are often glazed on three sides, which provides a maximum view of the fire that will warm the whole family.

As mentioned above, it is also a practical heating system, as it requires very little space outside the building, thus avoiding the need to heat the house’maintenance. In fact, due to its specific type of evacuation and its almost zero emissions, the need for love is eliminated’maintenance and chimney sweeping. Also, gas stoves draw the air needed for combustion from the air supply’It is also a practical heating system, as it requires very little space outside the building, thus avoiding disrupting the ventilation of the house.

L’arrival and the’evacuation of the’The air is inhaled through a duct that is connected to the air supply’outside through the roof or the facade.

There are several models (infrared, infrared and catalytic) that can be adapted to the heating needs of each home. The heating of a gas stove is extremely fast and allows to warm up a room in no time. An ideal solution for long winter evenings in the living room !

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