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How to prepare your child’s first day of school ?

The first day of school for a child is a very sacred moment. It is as stressful for you as it is for the children. It is at the same time the discovery of his class, his new teacher, the reunion with his friends ..

As a parent, you have the role of preparing for this. It is true that it is important to anticipate the start of your child’s school year. In this article, we will give you a maximum of advice to prepare well and not forget anything.

Preparing your child’s back to school: how to prepare the school bag ?

The preparation of the school bag is essential when going back to school. It will somehow define part of your child’s desire to work. Children are always excited when they start school’It’s time to go back to school shopping, but be careful not to forget anything !

First of all, we advise you to make a list beforehand to have an approximate vision of what you will have to buy. Starting with the binder, agenda, pencil case, pens, colored pencils, ruler..

We recommend you to check at home beforehand if you don’t already have some items, so you don’t buy stuff unnecessarily. Because the cost of all these school supplies represents a significant budget for a household, especially if there are several children. You can also look at your child’s kit from the previous year.

According to all these elements, you can start your list.

If you don’t want to forget anything, you can look on the internet for school lists already made. They will allow you not to buy anything again during the year because of the forgetting that you could have made.

To avoid stock-outs and also to cross your whole agglomeration, it is recommended to do your school shopping in early August. This is the time of year when school supplies are in great supply in hypermarkets.

Some tips to apply the week before school starts

The school year is coming soon and you want to give back good habits to your child. Since it’s vacation time, you’ve probably allowed him to go to bed later or get up later. But it’s time to get back to good habits !

To begin with, we advise you to put an alarm clock around 7 am so that he wakes up earlier. This process will make your child more tired at the end of the day and he will automatically go to bed earlier. The children have the’Your child is used to waking up at 10 a.m. during the vacations, so it is important to set an alarm clock earlier and earlier every day to get used to it again.

To maximize his reorganization, encourage him to clean up his room so that he can find the right items’He optimizes his working conditions. This will allow your child to sit down at his desk and do his homework without any problem. He will also be able to find clothes more easily in the morning.

At school, it is very easy to lose your things, especially your coat, scarf or hat. Don’t panic, we have the technique for you ! To avoid having to buy a new coat every three months, we recommend putting a clothing label on your child’s clothes. You can personalize the labels with your child’s name and surname and you won’t have to worry about his stuff disappearing.

You can treat your child to a meal at a restaurant a few days before he or she returns to school. During this family meal, you will be able to talk about their apprehensions and how they see their return to school. Ask as many questions as possible about friends and teachers.

Ask him which teacher he would like to have during the year and why. This conversation will perhaps give him the desire to go to school !

Thanks to all our tips, you now know how to prepare a binder without forgetting any element. You can buy your supplies in a department store or in a stationery store. You also know what habits to give your child a week before school starts. Good luck to you !

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