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Mutuelle Fonctionnaire : Which one to choose and who takes care of it ?

You are a civil servant or you are about to be granted tenure ? So it’s time to compare the different options available to you in terms of benefits. You will be able to choose the mutual insurance that best suits your profile and your requirements, while finding out who pays for this coverage and at what rate.

Which mutual insurance company for the civil service ?

The public service is divided into 3 main branches: the state civil service, the hospital civil service and the local authorities. You will also find non-permanent staff: these are people recruited on fixed-term contracts by the civil service, on probation for a longer or shorter period of time before being appointed. Many mutual insurance companies are specialized according to the positions and professions in the public sector in order to offer benefits and guarantees adapted to each one, including :

  • MGEN : Mutuelle Générale de l’Education Nationale ;
  • MNH: Mutuelle Nationale des Hospitaliers for the health and social sector;
  • MGEFI: Mutuelle Générale de l’Économie, des Finances et de l’Industrie;
  • CNG: Caisse Nationale du Gendarme.

All the civil servants have the possibility to subscribe to their employer’s mutual insurance company, whether it is a specialized mutual insurance to their function or a generalist mutual insurance : discover Aésio Mutuelle for example. It is up to you to compare the rates and guarantees offered, sometimes extended to your spouse and dependents.

Which mutual insurance for the civil service?

Who pays for the civil servants’ mutual insurance ?

The prices of the mutual insurance for civil servants, just like generalist mutual insurance companies, depends on several factors: the mutual insurance company, your age, your family situation (single, cohabiting, married, PACS, widowed, with or without children…) as well as the guarantees and options subscribed to. Choose at least one mutual insurance company that reimburses you the co-payment in their basic contract: this is the part not covered by Social Security.

The higher the price of your membership, the more interesting the reimbursement rate of your mutual insurance company will be. The public institutions as well as the local authorities can pay part of the contributions of their agents since November 2011. Some mutual insurance companies have also been referenced by the State so that ministries can also finance a part of the costs of the provident expenses of their permanent and contractual employees.

The “Complémentaire Santé Solidaire” offered by the State is free of charge (no extra fees are possible, for example) and the labelled mutual insurance companies can be paid from €1 to €20 via the local authorities’ aid.

Can the civil servant refuse it? ?

The National Interprofessional Agreement (ANI), which came into force in 2013, only applies to private companies and does not concern the public sector. All civil servants therefore have the right to right to refuse the collective mutual insurance offered by their employer. They are free to choose an individual health insurance plan to cover their health expenses.

Not mandatory, it is up to the civil servant to choose it.

Civil servants can of course subscribe to the group health insurance offered by their ministry or local authority. They have the opportunity to benefit from more advantageous guarantees such as coverage for dependents (with the same guarantees and reimbursement rates as civil servants), better coverage and a larger share financed by the employer. In any case, make sure you choose a mutual insurance company that provides for the third-party payment You will not have to make any advance payments for medical expenses, whether you go to a doctor’s appointment or pick up your medication at a pharmacy.

All civil servants benefit from the same advantage: the choice of their mutual insurance company. It is up to you to compare the different offers proposed by the insurance groups or to simulate your contracts directly online.

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