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Breast augmentation: choose the intervention that suits you

L’breast augmentation is the most widespread and popular surgical procedure today’hui to increase breast size. VS’is a growing specialty of reconstructive plastic surgery due to the growing number of women with breast problems. In this area, there is a wide range of’interventions to meet the demand.

The different operations of’mammal augmentation

In reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery, there is a diversity of’operations for the’mammal augmentation. We mainly identify three of them:

  • breast prosthesis or’breast implant,
  • breast lipofilling,
  • I’composite breast augmentation.

Each of these techniques of’operation has its own characteristics as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

The breast prosthesis

L’addition of’implants is an operation’breast augmentation widely acclaimed by women who wish to increase the volume of their breasts. It consists of implanting,’help of specific devices, breast-like prostheses below the skin and chest fat. L’operation aims to’improve the’appearance of the breasts.

It is quite simple and n’does not require a lot of time to complete. Moreover, it s’acts as the best technique to limit the risk of complications and to ensure a natural, immediate and certain aesthetic result.

L’breast implant is a solution that has evolved enormously, and thanks to latest generation breast prostheses, it is today’now much easier to succeed in an intervention. However, care must be taken to choose an experienced and recognized surgeon.

Breast lipofilling

L’breast augmentation by lipomodeling consists of removing fat from’another region of the body to be grafted under the skin of the breasts. It is often used when the breasts are too small and the patient does not wish to make breasts’implant. This technique is extremely effective because it allows a natural remodeling of the breast, without foreign body. It promotes a refinement of the silhouette thanks to the liposuction carried out for the removal of fat.

However, it sometimes poses problems of uncertain result and rejection.

L’composite breast augmentation

VS’is the most recent of the techniques of’mammal augmentation. It combines lipofilling and implants. Before’operation, the surgeon removes from the thighs and buttocks fat that’it stores in a small pocket.

Then he places the breast prostheses. This technique is valuable for those who want a major breast augmentation with a natural and discreet result, but who don't’do not have enough fat in their thighs or buttocks.

breast augmentation surgery

The factors for choosing’an intervention of’mammal augmentation

Many factors come into play in the choice of’an intervention of’mammal augmentation. These concern in particular the desired result, the patient's morphology and the size of the breasts. It is important to take them into consideration.

Keep at L’spirit that for a natural result, all interventions are not possible. L’intervention by lipofilling is for example more popular with women who do not want’implant. Women who have a small volume of fat can use implants, but they will have to choose a reduced size.

As for women with a high chest and body fat, they may use the’Fat ablation and’use of’implants.

Consult a qualified plastic surgeon

There is much to consider before making a decision with regard to the’breast augmentation, like the choice of surgeon. It is essential to consult a qualified professional with’extensive experience in the field. Of course, the techniques and types of’implants may vary from’a surgeon at’other, but a professional will be able to pay particular attention to your well-being and your safety.

You must therefore choose a specialist recognized by his community and who has already operated on’other satisfied patients.

To be sure to make a good choice, consult on the internet the discussion forums on cosmetic surgery and above all, ask to see the photos of the patients operated on by the surgeon you have identified. Also ask if the latter offers you the choice of’quality implants. In addition, before you decide, you can also consult specialized guides which provide information on the qualifications and the’experience of cosmetic surgeons.

Make sure you understand the risks and possible complications

Some cosmetic surgeons claim that the techniques of’breast augmentation n’involve no risk or that any complications are minimal. Every professional does their best to’so be it, but we know that’he does’there is no zero risk. So, before signing for the’operation, you should ask to be clearly informed about the possible consequences and potential complications.

In fact, although most symptomsômy caused by the possible complications are not always obvious, some defects may appear or feel immediately. The most cited examples include the case scars that can sometimes be too visible and the’nipple hypersensitivity which may cause discomfort. Before you go for a breast augmentation with’a surgeon, you can ask him how many of his patients have visible cosmetic scars or tender nipples and in what proportion.

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