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What’does the undercut haircut?

Hairdressing has taken on a new dimension for several years. Thus, finish the old cuts of yesteryear. It’s time to modernize the old cuts and everyone is doing their bit. The new trendy fit sported by the gentlemen is the undercut.

It is sure that you have already seen this cut on models or other very well-known faces for a few years like footballers. However, today this hairstyle is starting to invade the sphere of street style street looks. So, whether you are a fan of very short or shaved hair styles or whether you are a fan of the BCBG side of slightly long hair, the undercut is a hairstyle made for you.

But what’does the undercut haircut?

What exactly is the undercut? ?

The undercut is a trendy haircut. This is a short side parted haircut but with volume and length above the skull. However, each person is free to define the length of the hair above the skull. But it is recommended that the two parts of the hair have different lengths of about 8 cm.

The undercut, this exceptional cut is already seen and appreciated on the head of several round leather stars but also that of singers including David Beckham, Justin Timberlake or Macklemore.

In addition, it should be remembered that the origin of this cup dates back to the famous David Bowie and to the punk and gothic movements. But, nowadays, the undercut has become completely democratized and takes up the codes of the gentleman while retaining the virile side of the military with short hair. Thus, choosing to adopt this hairstyle is opting for a bold cut that cannot go unnoticed.

The undercut: the derivatives of this cut

Different hairstyles of this cut exist. While keeping the same base cut, it is possible to achieve different hairstyles according to your desires, your mood, your appointments. However, the common point between these different hairstyles remains and remains the opposition which is marked between the shaved sides and the rather long top. To still make the difference, you can add on this undercut men’s haircut, a well-trimmed beard. What will make you close to perfection?.

For those who want a rather soft cut, it is advisable not to shave too short and also not to leave the top too long. This allows you to have the base of the undercut without much contrast effect.

In addition, it is necessary to choose quality styling products in order to highlight this new cut more. So, in order to help you choose a good hair product according to the style of the undercut, four products according to 4 different styles are presented to you.

“Rock crest” style

In order to keep the ridge straight without it letting go, you must use a gel with a strong hold such as the hardwear 16 gel from Redken. This gel can allow you to have the same look all day.

Plated style back

For this style, you need more length on the top of the head. This gives a nice result. To do this, opt for the malleable work hard paste.

Styled / disheveled look

With a natural finish, this style is unstructured and “out of bed” type. For best results, use Rough Clay 20 deconstruction clay.

“Classy” style, businessman

To achieve this classy style, you must use Maneuver wax from Redken which helps you to have a malleable texture and a natural finish.

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