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Where to find your sports orthoses ?

Orthoses, unlike prostheses, are not there to replace a limb, an organ or a joint. We often know better about prostheses: hearing aids (which compensate for hearing loss), knee and hip prostheses, dental prostheses or even all the impressive ones that science continues to develop to replace hands or legs, thanks to 3D technology. But do you know what orthoses are, and in particular sports orthotics ? In which case to use them, what benefit they can have ? And above all, where to find them ?

What’do’a sports brace ?

Let’s start at the beginning: an orthosis is a device that supports, helps or protects a part of your body – it can be a limb, such as a joint. An orthosis is always an external device to your body (unlike certain prostheses that will be established to you, such as that of the knee). Sports orthotics are simply the ones we wear when we play sports. We can resort to an orthosis For three main reasons:

  • After an accident or an injury, to immobilize the part of the body concerned: a splint to protect a fractured elbow, for example, or a cervical necklace in the event of torticollis.
  • To support a member who has been damaged and weakened in the past: a knee whose ligaments have been damaged could be protected by a kneerer, a compression sleeve can help cure the muscle tear of a calf as to prevent the appearance new injury.
  • To compensate for significant stress, particularly in the context of intensive sports practice, and to prevent the risk of the appearance of pathologies. Think for example of all the soles that prevent runners from damaging their knees !

Sport Orthese: the specialist in online sales of’sports orthotics

As you have understood, there are a lot of different orthoses – depending on the part of the body you are trying to protect, depending on the sport you practice, depending on your physical weaknesses and the muscles you we request. For choose the right orthosis, you should not hesitate to talk about it with your doctor: it seems obvious to us if you have a broken arm, but the indications for’a health professional on the areas that you risk weakening are very valuable if you practice a sport intensively.

Then, we must turn to quality orthotics, adapted to your needs and your uses.Sport Orthese, the specialist in online sales of sports orthoses, offers a really well-made website. Organized in particular according to the sports practiced and according to the body areas solicited or damaged, you will find a lot of explanations on the different products offered and the cases where they are indicated. This serious site also offers a real telephone customer service, at the non-surcharged number, which allows you to ask questions in case of doubt.

Sport Orthèse offers all types of orthoses, from the simplest to the most complex, but above all quality products.

Once you have received your well-made orthosis, you can calmly go to the gym without risking a breakdown. Always keep in mind that when it comes to sports, many sites offer so-called “miracle products” because this market is very buoyant. Always check the seriousness of the site and the quality of the products so as not to be bamboozled.

Sport Orthese: the specialist in the online sale of sports orthoses

Are sports orthoses reimbursed? ?

The sports orthotics can be reimbursed, in whole or in part, by social security, under certain conditions. It’s quite logical: as with any medical device covered by health insurance, you will need a prescription from your doctor to claim reimbursement. Your mutual, depending on the one that covers you, can also supplement social security cover: everything will depend on your complementary health contract.

Be aware that on some websites, this refund is possible even if you order your orthosis online – this is the case at Sport Orthotics. To do this, a few steps must be followed:

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