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6 alternative dating apps to Tinder for singles

Tinder is one of the best dating apps. It generates several billion matches in a day. More than 25 billion users use its help to find love.

However, there are other dating applications that can be used as an alternative to Tinder. Here are 6 of them.

Our dating apps that are a change from Tinder !

Tinder is a correct and practical application. But some would say that it is mostly for young people. For those who want to find love elsewhere, there are other applications that have also proven their worth.

It is an application that works by mileage. But unlike Tinder, this function cannot be configured. The people who appear in your dating network are necessarily located near you.

When the profile that appears interests or pleases you, you can either put a “like” or send a “hello”. All the profiles displayed include a photo and information such as age, name, first name..

Its strong point in Happn is that the meetings are more serious. Chatting is only done when the person responds to the “like” you sent. It also allows you to indicate your availability on your profile.

For example, you can say that you are available for a dinner, a walk… You have to find your words.

Bumble: the girly app

With this application, women have the upper hand over men. Its founder is none other than Whitney Wolfe, the co-founder of Tinder. Its principle is simple.

You create your profile and then you search for singles who are close to you and likely to interest you.

By joining the large community of Bumble, men must submit to the will of women. Indeed, only women are allowed to unlock a chat and start a conversation. To avoid that each member has too many matches, they disappear after 24 hours.

If they don’t want to keep in touch, the verdict will be in.

Today, there are other versions of Bumble. There is the one that allows you to enlarge your circle of friends. It is Bumble BFF.

Then, there is the one that helps you expand your professional network. It is Bumble Bizz.


Just like Tinder, OkCupid is a dating app aimed at a young audience. However, it still has a community of older people who are looking for a serious relationship.

It works by algorithm. All members must answer the questions required by the site. It is by comparing the answers of each member that the algorithm will be able to draw up the profile matches.

Anyone can create an account on OkCupid. Moreover, the main features of the site are available for free. The more questions you answer, the more precise matches you get.

This application is a must for all singles to discover in search of love. Those who have already used Tinder will find that it works in a completely different way. It does not present several profiles at once.

With Once, members are allowed one profile per day. Quality over quantity.

The application evaluates the profile of each member. So that he is put in relation with the person who has the most common points with him. It includes interests, character traits, tastes..

Its advantage lies in its matchmaking system. Members don’t have to search through thousands of members in the community. It automatically saves them time. Then comes the quality of the meetings.

With the policy adopted by the application, you have great chances to quickly find your partner.

Reel Me

To stand out from the crowd, theReel Me application allows you to meet people by video. The principle is simple, members must make a short presentation by video. Inside, they mention their criteria in order to find the profile that matches them.

The fact that it works mainly by video is one of its strengths. This way, it is impossible for someone to create a fake profile or pretend to be someone they are not in reality.

The principle of this dating site saves time. By seeing the person directly through his or her videography, the choice is quickly made. You are immediately focused on whether you want to meet him or not.


All those who want to find love with a capital “A” all go through this dating site. In all, it has nearly 400 million subscribers. There is no shortage of choice given this considerable number.

Badoo offers several possibilities to its members. They can only see profiles that match their criteria. Otherwise, they can see all the singles in their vicinity.

In addition to a chat box, the site has an option to post a live video.

Each member can see who has liked them through a “like” and who has visited their profile. Unlike Tinder, Badoo The “non-likes” can be managed. The use of the application is completely free. But the site also offers a paid package through its premium offer.

This is an option that allows you to optimize the use of the site and the search fields it offers.

A free dating site to make beautiful meetings

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