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Love: how to find it on a dating site ?

The idea that you can’t find love on a dating site is still very common. However, nothing could be further from the truth, since almost a quarter of couples who form online go to the town hall. How can you get into this category ? Follow the guide.

How to choose your username ?

When you have found the best dating site, thanks to a site like https://expertsenamour.en/, it is still advisable to present yourself in your best light.

Your username is the first feature of your profile that users will see. It must therefore be well thought out, to reflect who you are and what you are looking for.

If you’re a woman considering a serious relationship, a username like TouteChaude, can send a totally opposite message to your potential suitors.

Therefore, follow some guidelines about what to do and what not to do.

You don’t have to :

  • Put on a number,
  • Put your real name or first name,
  • imply a relationship to sex.

Conversely, you should :

  • Choose your own words,
  • Reflect your passions,
  • Stay yourself.

Let’s put it in an example: you like to travel and therefore want to send a message that you are anything but a homebody. You can choose WorldTraveler, for example.

If this username has already been chosen, don’t put WorldTraveler33, to show that there are 32 others like you. Choose instead to anglicize it into WorldDiscovery.

Why complete your profile ?

Nothing is more important than the information you enter into the site your profile. To understand the reason for this, you only need to ask yourself one question: how will the site offer you profiles ?

Today, many algorithms are based largely on the elements of your profile, to establish matches with those you might like.

This is exactly why sites like eHarmony, the Anglo-Saxon giant, asks you to answer at least 258 questions before validating your profile, while others like OkCupid, allows you to answer 4000 questions.

It is not necessary to invent a life or a character. The main advice we can give you is to stay authentic. If you’re a vegetarian and the algorithm suggests profiles like the local butcher or the Mac Donald fan, it’s not going to work.

Therefore, answer all the questions seriously. Yes, the site will have a lot of information about you, but it won’t be worse than what Facebook or Instagram already knows about you.

In addition, this will prevent you from experiencing too much of the inevitable frustrations associated with dating sites. This is good news, we’re telling you about it now.

Don’t stop at the first frustration

The looking for the right partner can be particularly frustrating on dating sites. You must learn to deal with this reality.

Between the numerous profiles that don’t match you, the message exchanges that lead to nothing but a waste of time, or the appointments that finally reveal that the person you have in front of you is not the right person at all, frustration can be omnipresent.

You can spend all day looking at profiles only to find one person who can possibly give you the balance you are looking for. When it’s not the right one, and you have to start the whole process over again, you experience the frustration.

This situation will happen to you more than once, so be prepared. Because finding your soul mate on dating sites is not as easy as it seems.

So, always keep in mind that you are not looking for perfection, that famous gender stereotype seen over and over again in Hollywood movies and series. You’re looking for someone real, even if it’s through the virtual.

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