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How to bet on virtual sports ?

Virtual sports are proving to be very attractive to punters today. Moreover, there are now millions of fans of this type of sport all over the world. That’s why we decided to make a presentation on virtual sports, the different types of virtual sports that exist and how well betting on virtual sports.

What is a virtual sport ?

Virtual sports is the new trend that is attracting millions of punters. This is a new game that could both entertain you and make you money. In concrete terms, virtual sports is a computer program based on an algorithm that imitates a specific sporting event by offering players a series of bets to make.

It is therefore the simulation of a sporting event. The popularity of virtual sports is constantly increasing on bookmakers’ websites such as Bet777 in several countries around the world. You have the possibility to bet on virtual sports whenever you want at any time of the day.

The game offers a betting interface similar to the graphic interface of sports betting sites.

This is the only common point between these two types of sports, because contrary to sports betting games where the results are decided on the field, it is the chance or rather the software which takes care of it at the level of the virtual sport. This means that in the virtual sports game, the human factor is almost non-existent because of the automation of the results by the game provider. It can be said that it is truly a discipline at the crossroads between sports betting and casino.

The adrenaline rush is there and you don’t have to wait for the weekend to get your energy up betting on virtual sports by choosing your favorite team. It should be noted that bookmakers operating in this market of virtual sports must have their license before operating under penalty of prosecution.

What are the different types of virtual sports ?

Classically, virtual sports are subdivided into 2 main classes, namely virtual racing games and virtual games on sporting events or matches. Thus, in general, you have the opportunity to bet on virtual sports as :

  • soccer
  • tennis
  • goal shooting sessions
  • bicycle racing
  • casino
  • the dog run
  • basketball
  • the horse race
  • cycling
  • and even the speedway races.

The principle is that every 2, 3 or 4 minutes, you can make new virtual sports bets, as a new match begins. The bet can then be made on :

  • the position of the horses
  • the number of goals scored
  • the name of a striker in the game
  • the winner of the game..

Virtual sports provide a lot of adrenaline and emotion to the bettors, thanks to the excellent graphic frames, and also the remarkable video broadcasts. The game allows you to watch 2 of your friends playing a FIFA game by placing a bet on the match. Also, since the matches start regularly every 3 minutes on average, the competitions in this sport run continuously day and night, every day of the week.

How to bet on virtual sports ?

For betting on virtual sports, go to an authorized bookmaker (licensed) that offers this game. Once on its platform or in its premises, you can choose the sport you are interested in. It must be said that there is a large offer available.

Let’s take the example of the bookmaker Bet777 which is specialized in sports betting. It is one of the most interesting platforms on the market, especially since it has a license from the Gambling Commission.

So just register and open an account on the site, which is usually easy. Go to the platform and on the home page, press the “register” button in the upper right corner. Then enter your email address and password, then fill in the information about your identity and the number of your valid identity document.

The next step is to enter your address, your post office box and your contact. Finally, you have to choose your avatar (username) and click on the “create an account” button after reading the general conditions of use of the site. Once you have registered, you just need to credit your account and then open the “Virtual Sports” option. After that you need to choose a provider from the list offered and betting on virtual sports of your choice.

Then, you have to select the event you are interested in among those already programmed by default by the provider. The bettor will have to select his bet from the list proposed, and it will be added immediately to the betting slip. Finally, the player will choose his bet and will have to click on the “bet” button to validate his bet. Once that’s done, it’s time for the adrenaline rush.

Bets (or history) can be viewed at any time from the user’s account.

In sum, it is very easy to place bets on virtual sports these days to make money’money. The trick is to choose the right betting platform and to make sure that you have the right information’to be lucky.

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