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What are the best protein powders? 

Proteins play a vital role in strengthening the human body. Together with vitamins and minerals, these are the elements that guarantee good health. They exist in several foods that we usually ingest. However, additional intakes are required if you practice sports or if you have special needs.

In this respect, protein powders ensure a faster assimilation by the body, provided that you know how to dose them.

What is a protein powder ?

The protein powder is of animal or vegetable origin. It is obtained by extracting and drying the most protein-rich parts. The manufacturing processes vary according to the type of powder. Protein powders come in 4 main categories:

  • The first one comes exactly from milk whey, like Whey Isolate ;
  • The second category includes powders made from insects;
  • The third class includes those from plants;
  • The latter is derived exclusively from beef.

Protein actively participates in tissue regeneration. They also provide better growth and increased bone strength. These elements increase the capacity of leukocytes to fight diseases by reinforcing your immunity.

Protein powder therefore only accelerates these different processes by directly offering the molecules.

Apart from that, due to their composition, they reduce the effects of fatigue. You can also get them by eating bananas before your workout or in between.

What is a protein powder?

Which are the best on the market ?

If you want to get the most out of your workout benefits of protein powders, it is better to buy the best ones on the market. The popularity of certain mixtures among others often attests to their reputation. Nevertheless, it is up to you to try several of them in order to discover what suits you.

Before purchasing, be sure to read the product information carefully.

Among the powders made from the transformation of insects, those made from crickets are very popular. The raw material used exists in mass and the production is almost environmentally friendly.

If you turn to vegetable powders, you have basically three alternatives:

  • Hemp protein;
  • Protein from peas;
  • Rice protein.

Your decision should be based on the value you wish to assimilate. Vegetable powder is recommended for people with digestive problems. On the other hand, its unctuous consistency will eventually bother some people. If this happens, you have three possibilities, this time milk-based proteins :

  • Casein powder, recommended for mass gain;
  • The more diluted and lower lactose version, whey isolate ;
  • The powder commonly called whey protein, with a high fat content.

All three of the above options are liquid and therefore extremely easy to swallow. On the other hand, the use of whey protein is subject to some contraindications. Certainly, it is the most complete variety.

However, casein and undiluted whey take a long time to dissolve during digestion. Isolate has similar characteristics to vegetable powder.

Concerning the flavors of protein powders, the manufacturers are not lacking in ingenuity. Indeed, it is better to make the experience more pleasant to integrate it easily into routines. Whether you like chocolate, fruit or different coffee flavors, you are spoiled for choice.

How to use it well ?

To know the correct amount to consume, you should take into consideration :

  • Your weight;
  • The level of difficulty of the sport you play;
  • Your goal, between endurance or muscle mass;
  • The frequency of your sports activities, counted in hours of effort;
  • The number of meals scheduled during the day;
  • The digestion time required to fully disseminate the protein in your body.

You will agree that the dosage of protein powder for a sportsman and a sedentary person is drastically different. More seriously, your favorite team does not necessarily need it. A varied diet is more than enough to maintain its protein stock.

It is free to use it for economic reasons, as the powdered molecule is sometimes cheaper.

Ideally, the protein powders are to be incorporated into your breakfast and snacks. However, you should also renew your protein quota immediately afterwards to avoid a deficiency.

You can also use all types of powders intermittently or according to the time you take them. This is the method that works for the vast majority of athletes. This is effective in balancing your accumulated protein levels at all times.

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