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5 reasons that can explain your bloating

The bloat is almost never a serious problem, but they can easily become very inconvenient. The problem is that they can have many different origins, so it’s hard to identify which one to go after to get rid of them. Here is a list of the 5 most frequent reasons.

You eat too much

Most of the time, bloating is nothing more than a consequence of an overworked digestive system, a way to inform you that you are overworking it. Trying to eat smaller quantities at each meal is an important first test. To achieve this without starving yourself, you can increase the number of meals each day, for example by getting into the habit of eating a snack.

Menstruation or menopause

Bloating in women is also often due to some of their hormonal cycles or to their disturbance in the case of menopause. The problem is that in this case there is not much to do. If you are wondering what to do about bloating when it has an origin against which it is impossible to act, then know that there are natural solutions that can effectively fight against bloating and bloated belly.

Eating too much meat

Meat irritates the walls of the intestines and stomach and can therefore promote bloating. Meat also promotes constipation, which then also contributes to bloating. Conversely, vegetables and the fiber they contain are excellent for digestion and intestinal flora. Try eating only green vegetables for a day and see if it makes a difference.

You don’t cook your food well

Even the best foods and freshest vegetables lose their virtues if you cook them badly. Frying oil is very aggressive for the intestinal flora and the digestive system in general. Similarly, foods cooked at too high a temperature also release toxins that promote bloating.

You don’t drink enough water

Finally, don’t forget that the only drink that is really good for your health is water. Industrial beverages contain a lot of things you shouldn’t even consider drinking, but even some reputable beverages, like tea, can be bad for flatulence. Drink more water to improve digestion and be careful about anything you drink that isn’t water.

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