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What level of firmness for your mattress ?

Soft, firm, medium-firm, how to choose the right one level of firmness of a mattress ? Why is the level of firmness so important ? What is the difference between the firmness of a mattress and the comfort of a mattress ? If you need to change your mattress, here is some valuable information to read before making your choice !

What is the firmness of a mattress? ?

The firmness of a mattress is the feeling you get when you lie down on it. It must be of a mattress to the materials that compose it, Generally foam, latex, memory foam and innerspring. The comfort of a mattress corresponds to the surface filling of the mattress (cashmere, silk, wool, cotton…).

The thicker and better the mattress, the better it facilitates blood circulation and avoids pressure points.

It is the firmness that will allow you to have a restful sleep and especially to avoid back pain. But for this, it is necessary to know the different types of mattresses in order to choose the one that corresponds to us.

What is meant by the firmness of a mattress?

What are the different types of firmness of a mattress ?

There are three main types of mattresses with different degrees of firmness in each category.


Soft or plush mattresses are ideal for relaxation and comfort. These are mostly memory foam mattresses and are ideal for children or light weight people. Be careful, a mattress that is too soft may seem very comfortable, but to sleep well, you need a minimum of support.


We also talk about balanced mattresses, because they are neither too firm nor too soft. Their level of firmness has the advantage of being suitable for a large number of people and they adapt to all body curves.


Firm (or hard) mattresses offer excellent support and are particularly appreciated by athletes and people with back problems. On the other hand, avoid choosing a mattress that is too hard, which is not very comfortable.

How to choose the firmness that suits you ?

As you can see, each mattress firmness has its own specificities and if you don’t choose the type of mattress that suits you, your sleep and your back may suffer.

If you want to have a good night’s sleep and not suffer from back pain, here are 4 criteria to take into account when choosing a mattress:

Your sleeping position

The level of firmness of a mattress is different depending on the sleeping position:

  • If you sleep on your stomach: choose a balanced mattress so that your spine can remain well aligned.
  • If you sleep on your back: choose a firm support to avoid back pain.
  • If you sleep on your side: also choose a balanced or slightly soft mattress that will prevent you from moving during your sleep.

Good to know For enjoy the comfort of your new mattress, the choice of the bed base is just as important. If you buy a firm 140-190 mattress, invest in a slatted base which has the added advantage of being universal.

Your sleeping position

Your morphology

It is important to choose your mattress according to your weight and height. In concrete terms, the higher your BMI, the higher the firmness level of your mattress should be. Be careful, do not confuse the thickness of the mattress with its firmness, it is its density that is important.

The density of a soft mattress should be between 50 and 70 kg/m³ while a firm mattress should be between 80 and 85 kg/m³.

Mattress materials

The the firmness level of a mattress will of course also depend on the materials used. Generally, foam mattresses are softer than pocket spring mattresses. However, you will still find some brands that offer memory foam mattresses that have a very firm support.

The hybrid mattress is still one of the best options since it combines firmness and comfort by combining several technologies. You will benefit from the flexibility of the latex mattress, the very good support of the high resilience foam and its different comfort zones.

To finish Whether you are a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper, you now know which mattress firmness to choose for a better sleep. On the other hand, avoid buying an entry-level mattress. Choosing a good mattress also guarantees the quality of your sleep !

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