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How to choose the right shoes for your posture ?

Aesthetics or comfort ? The question comes up regularly when you choose your new shoes. Object to protect the feet, shoes have become a fashion item. It is moreover advised for the health of your feet not to wear the same pair every day.

Alternation is good, especially to adapt to the conditions.

How to choose a pair of shoes ?

Shoes have an important influence on the way you look and feel posture control, and therefore, in health. Find your new shoes and save with a Vans promo code .

Blisters, osteoarthritis, bunions, stress fractures… many disorders can be avoided with the right pair of feet. But, problems can go far beyond that with bad posture:

  • the peg,
  • the foreleg,
  • the knees,
  • the hip,
  • an imbalance when walking,

Frequent ankle sprains or back pain can occur when wearing unsuitable shoes.

How to choose your pair of choices?

Booties for moderate heels

We often hear that high heels make posture easier by forcing you to Stand up straight. But, with heels of 6, 10 centimeters, or even more, the weight of the body is tipped on the forefoot and toes. The center of gravity is then forward, tilting the pelvis, promoting orthopedic problems and especially muscular deformations.

Having your feet completely on the ground is not the best choice either.

So, what to choose ?

A heel of 1 to 3 centimeters is recommended, the classic size for men's city shoes. Women can opt for a little more height, but with a good heel grip with ankle boots and booties in a soft, breathable material like leather. You still more mobility of the ankle, can opt for an adjustable closure system such as laces or velcro.

Raised sandals

Sandals offer the ultimate in lightness. On vacation, for a weekend, a picnic or a day in the garden, they are popular. Attention to the model. Prefer with a good heel grip, a good foot support and preferably a small heel.

Practical on the beach, flip-flops should be avoided for long walks. This simple Y-shaped strap forces the toes to contract to hold onto the sole. The shoe does not support the ankle, the tendons swell and the bones tire.

The sneakers for a good support of the foot

For men, women and children alike, sneakers have become a trendy item for all occasions in daily life. Often aesthetic, sneakers have the main advantage of providing good support to the foot.

In addition, they are rather light with often foam or rubber soles. The wide variety of color options also means they can be paired with everything from casual to conservative outfits. A versatility which is found in the use with a moderate physical activity like a day at work.

Sneakers for a good foot support

Sneakers and sprains

They have become everyday shoes, sneakers are primarily suitable for basketball, but also for soccer and sports on the court or parquet. Indeed, the shock absorbers under the heel and in the forefoot of the shoes protect the foot much better than other models of shoes. For other sports, however, you may lose responsiveness.

For running, adapt your shoes to your stride.

Three main categories are recognized:

  1. If your ankle has a closed angle to the foot, you can use a supinator’interior;
  2. pronator, if your ankle has a closed angle on the outside ;
  3. natural if you are between the two.

There are four main structural characteristics of shoes that should be focused on when choosing the best model.

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