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The Croq Kilos diet: what to think about it ?

The number of techniques that guarantee weight loss is uncountable: diets are not new, but the techniques to lose weight have multiplied considerably. Whether you want to lose belly, buttocks, thighs, hips, refine your waistline or keep your figure, you will always find a slimming method that will promise you to reach your goal. Between all these diets that promise to lose so many pounds in a few days, weeks or months, by changing the pace and content of his diet (remove starchy foods, eat only proteins, consume very few calories or make a soup diet …), there is something to get lost ! We are interested today in the Croq Kilos diet: what does it consist of, and above all can we trust it? ?

C’what is the Croq Kilos diet ?

As its name indicates, the Croq Kilos” diet offers you to “crunch your kilos”. It is more of a dietary rebalancing, which is aimed at overweight people as well as those who just want to get a flat stomach, or even those who want to eat better and take advantage of it to lose the New Year’s Eve weight.

Behind this formula is a website and an application that offer to follow, against payment of a monthly subscription, a diet based on one of 4 proposed programs, adapted to your goals and your dietary preferences (such as vegetarianism). In these programs, called “menus”, you will find recipes established by dieticians: the site promises more than 3500 ideas for balanced and tasty meals. Croq Kilos offers the possibility to discuss with dieticians as well as with other followers of the program, and also allows you to make up your shopping list to save time. Sagessante presents the principles of the Croq Kilos diet: for all the details, it’s here !

What is the Croq Kilos diet?

What method does it use ?

The Croq Kilos food rebalancing plays on the number of calories per day you consume. Indeed, depending on the menu you choose, you will decide to consume 1200, 1500 or 1800 kcal per day. The goal is to reduce your daily caloric intake by changing your eating habits. This slimming program offers you the opportunity to lose weight with a healthy diet, less rich in calories, because it is based on dietetic and detox recipes.

This is called a low-calorie diet – you consume fewer calories than is usually recommended, and especially than you used to.

Croq Kilos wants to help you reduce your weight more or less gradually (depending on the menu chosen), and with that your feeling of hunger. As your body gets used to working with fewer calories on this diet, you should eat less, and better.

Should we be wary of this type of diet ?

When faced with such a program, one naturally wonders: is this a good idea? effective diet ? Indeed, to lose weight, there is no question of doing just anything. The “slimming menus” are sometimes misleading and do not allow you to lose weight in the long term.

Croq Kilos seems to be an effective diet: the many public reviews of “crunchers of kilos” actually show a loss of weight in followers. However, the important thing is always to maintain your weight in the long term: on this point, Croq Kilos can confront you with the yoyo effect. Following a rapid weight loss and the end of a diet, it is common to regain weight because the body, which has undergone a restriction of caloric intake, stocks up to prevent a new period of restrictions.

A stabilization phase (proposed in the diet) helps the body to gradually get used to a higher calorie intake without stocking up.

It is also important to be wary of the deficiencies that a low-calorie diet can bring: it is dangerous for your health not to provide your body with a reasonable number of calories to make it function. Therefore, keep a balanced diet, do not force yourself to follow the “express menu” of 1200 calories per day and stabilize your diet (no snacking) !) for this diet to be effective.

Should we be wary of this type of diet?

Finally, keep in mind that it is still important for your health to be active. Any diet or dietary rebalancing must be associated with a Regular physical activity. Doing sports is very broad: running, zumba, swimming, cycling or jumping rope, you are free ! To fight obesity, lose a little weight, slim down or just burn the calories of a family meal, getting moving remains the best solution.

Losing weight without exercise is never sustainable. And if you are already addicted to sports, think of the sports diet: it will be perfectly adapted to your needs ! In short, you don’t have to be suspicious of Croq Kilos if you are reasonable in your objectives and if you shake your love handles at the gym: this is how you will lose cellulite, fat, and reach your ideal weight.

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