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How to boost your libido after 50 years ?

A woman’s sexuality is not’The menopause does not stop ! After 50 years old, we can see a decrease in libido, but the most important thing is to be able to have a good sex life’sexual activity can continue to grow ! Hormonal changes are important factors in this period of life, but desire can occur just as easily as sexual desire’before. How to justify this loss of libido ? What are the solutions to continue to be healthy?’to blossom in his sexual life after 50 years ?

Why is there a decrease in libido after 50 years ?

L’average age of menopause It is 51 years old. Physiologically, there is a decrease in estrogen and a maintenance of testosterone production. 36% of women say they experience a drop in libido and 15% of women say they have a loss of sex drive’how women experience this period. This hormonal phase leads to a lot of symptoms: hot flashes, night sweats, sleep disorders, weight gain, headaches, changes in body temperature, etc’These inconveniences are obviously not conducive to cuddling under the comforter !

In addition, it is important to know that menopause does not start overnight. The perimenopause is a phase that can last several years from the forties onwards and that causes irregular cycles and anarchic hormonal variations. As a result, fatigue and discomfort can be a problem’install.

It is not’There is no specific treatment and the only solution is to to live better your menopause remains the alternative medicine. Except in case of contraindication, women can opt for food supplements based on plants such as alcohol, vitamins and minerals’evening primrose’hawthorn, St. John’s wort, sage, ginseng and red vine.

Why is there a decrease in libido after 50 years?

How to boost your libido ?

Boost your libido after 50 n’is not only a physiological matter ! To be more concrete, we can say that the best solution is to stimulate yourself directly on the sexual level. Depending on your desires, you can try new practices with your partner (or partners). Single women can get married’I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to find the right person for my needs, but I’m sure that I’ll be able to find the right person for my needs’It has been proven that the best way to meet people is to meet them one night, young men, serious encounters, libertine encounters, etc.

In addition to sexual practices, remember to take care of yourself to feel desirable and to stay in shape. L’Diet, sports and meditation activities are excellent for staying in shape and maintaining confidence in your femininity. You feel desirable and don’t want to be alone’Don’t hesitate to initiate new encounters.

Menopause should not prevent you from having a good time’have sex. D’elsewhere, it has been proven that’a long period of loss of libido’Abstinence can cause pelvic and vaginal pain when resuming menopause’an active sexual life.

For women who are in a relationship, rekindle a new complicity with your partner. As they say, nothing is too much trouble’is acquired ! C’is why you must continue to seduce your partner. For this, nothing better than to prepare naughty surprises.

Finally, train Mr. in your sports activities so that you can have a good time’it remains enduring.

The sexuality of the mature woman

The physiological and psychological consequences of menopause have a direct impact on your health strong impact on the sexuality of women. The decline in libido, the cessation of menstruation, hot flashes and emotional instability tend to plunge women into a questioning. However, being 50 years old does not mean the end of sexuality, on the contrary.

The desire can be present until the end of his life. Moreover, one could say that it is at this time that women explore their fantasies more, before it is too late, if we can say so.

This reflection is a valuable argument in men who love women cougar. Indeed, these are women who know what they want. We tend therefore more towards a blooming and an opening of mind.

The fear of aging n’is therefore not necessarily a brake on a fulfilled sexuality, but rather a motor. On the one hand, mature women may feel a certain bitterness, because they are afraid that they will no longer please or feel the same pleasure as before. On the other hand, the disinhibition allows to discover new pleasures.

From 50 years, the menopause comes turn the sex life of women upside down. But as we have seen, it is far from being the end of carnal pleasures. It is rather in a new phase of its sexuality that allows to bloom even more.

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