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5 types of nose piercings for men who want to get a bold style

Most of the fashion and style items are usually for women: tattoos, piercings, makeup and women’s clothing. However, it must be recognized that men are not always the best choice’They are also interested in beauty, they even like to have a look at their faces’We give them tips on how to get the right look’learn how to apply makeup. Among the range of’ornaments and d’options, the perforations in the nose are distinguished.

The different types of nose piercings

It is not’It is not necessary to have a face lift’s not a NASA person to realize that’s’acts of’ancient and ritualistic practice of body modification, and it has always been an art that emphasizes the beauty of the body, especially the face. Tribesmen from different parts of the world use sharp pieces of metal, stone or wood, as well as thorns, to pierce their lips, ears and obviously the nose as a demonstration of courage, strength and virility, but in contemporary civilization, basically Western, it is not the case’is just another aesthetic way to highlight the attributes and features of the face.

If you have decided to make a piercing in the nose, you must be very aware of what you are going to do with your body, as well as always take into account that the care must be constant, because the nose is a very delicate area. After three months of perforation, you must ensure that the healing process is going well to avoid infection. C’That’s why you should go to a professional.

For most men, wearing a ring is a matter of choice’a curl’earrings or any type of jewelry can represent maturity. The rapper Tupac Shakur, the basketball player Denis Rodman, the’Singer-songwriter Lenny Kravitz and pop star Justin Bieber, so different in their own way, are some of the icons who have worn makeup’have worn. So here are 5 styles of nose piercings that will give you the style you are looking for.

Ring on the’spoiler

They are also known as rings and are very striking. They are of’a rather classic and well known style. They are placed on the side of the nose, in what the’we call the “fin” or lobe.

There are different models of hoops, such as the wide and, if you prefer the more discreet, the thin.

It’s all about trying them on to see which one suits you best and best defines the lines of your nose and your look to get a better look.


The perforations can be made of two pieces and be on the same side of your nose. But if you prefer and want to look more interesting, you can also diversify with different ornaments in different parts of the nasal area, like the’The usual Lenny Kravitz, which consists of’a small dot on one side and a large ring on the other’other.

Whether it’s on the right or left side, there are different ways to distribute your piercings and they have the right look’sexy look.


Men have different tastes. While some people are really bold, others are not’others prefer a more discreet style or simply prefer smaller and more delicate details, which are also easier to hide or disguise.

It can even vary in color, size or material. Most often, it is the’is gold’money or the’Some people, however, despite their predilection for discretion, may prefer something shiny. They denote the’They are elegant and are ideal for men of all ages’It can be used for business or special events that require certain criteria of quality’label.

Horseshoe or septum

The shape is the same as that of a man’A horseshoe, as its name suggests’s money, and it is placed on the business or for special events that require it’nose bridge. It forms a very bold and masculine look because it is a very strong and strong material’it represents maturity and masculinity. Choose from the available options.

Open, closed, dotted or sharpened type.

You can also play with the weight and complexity of the’ornament. The largest and most colorful ones tend to be the most difficult to remove’It fits very well in bulky noses and combines even better with abundant facial hair. They give a more “ethnic” or exotic look and are used by those who have an overflowing, free and creative personality.


None of this is necessary’is an unchangeable science. The combinations can be endless and what you decide has more to do with your personality, style and how you feel. Whether or not you’re addicted to perforations and other body modifications, you can play with styles, such as something more rock or hardcore, with a horseshoe on the bridge, two stitches on each fin and a piece higher up at the septum.

You can also opt for something more eye-catching like a septum piercing with a thick, textured, shiny piece and two pieces on top of the nostrils.

Now that you know several ways to pierce your nose, you can also read this article on the perfect look for men to complete your outfits.

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