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5 questions we ask ourselves about endometriosis

For those who don’t know it yet, endometriosis is a really serious disease that affects about one in ten women worldwide. It is a gynecological problem, a chronic and very often recurrent disease that attacks the female genitalia. But is it a fatality ? Can we cure it ? What causes this disease ? These are so many questions that you will find answers to here.

So if you have a concern or a question about endometriosis, please read on.

Can we cure’endometriosis ?

When talking about endometriosis, one of the first things people want to know is whether or not it is curable. Which of course is completely normal, especially considering that any woman can suffer from it at any time. So to answer this question, we will simply say that there are several effective treatments for the disease.

However, is it possible to completely cure endometriosis? ? This is a very complex question to which it is difficult to give a precise answer. In reality, endometriosis is known to be a chronic and recurrent disease, in most cases. In other words, even after treatment and a period of remission, the patient may experience new symptoms a few months later.

This is the reason why this question about endometriosis is sometimes evaded by doctors. They generally prefer to prescribe a treatment and observe the patient’s reaction to it, before deciding. Thus, among the treatments used against endometriosis, we find:

  • The use of painkillers: their role is to relieve pain caused by cysts and nodules
  • Surgery: it removes the cysts and nodules that form, but be aware that these can reappear at any time
  • The use of GNRH analogues: this is a treatment that aims to induce an artificial menopause, with the aim of reducing cysts and avoiding their training
  • The use of continuous contraceptive pills or another method of contraception: the aim is to stop the rules to limit the training of cysts. But surgery will be necessary to eliminate the already formed lesions.

Can we have children despite the’endometriosis ?

That Question on endometriosis is also one of the most frequent that we arise. You also wonder about this ? Well know that the answer is yes: it is possible for a woman to design and lead a pregnancy to an end despite endometriosis. Moreover, some doctors recommend pregnancy as a temporary method aimed at reducing the symptoms of endometriosis.

However, it should be noted that this is not the case for all women. Indeed, one of the consequences of this disease is its negative impact on fertility. It is therefore possible in some cases that endometriosis is accompanied by infertility in women.

This can of course be remedied with adequate treatment, but it all depends on the severity of the problem and its location in the female genitalia.

Is having painful periods a sign of’endometriosis ?

That question about endometriosis often confusing, as the answer is usually misinterpreted. Indeed, you should know that painful periods are indeed considered as symptoms of endometriosis. However, having painful periods does not automatically mean that you have endometriosis.

Several conditions must be met, and especially this symptom must be associated with several others. You should therefore know, for example, that a woman who suffers from endometriosis can have painful periods, painful to the point of preventing her from going about her usual business.

Also, these rules will usually be heavy, and accompanied by blood clots. She may also have digestive disorders, pain during sexual intercourse, urinary disorders, etc. All of these symptoms associated with painful periods can help detect endometriosis.

Is having painful periods a sign of endometriosis?

L’is endometriosis the same for all women ?

That question about endometriosis also comes up quite often in female patients. The first thing to know at this level is that this disease exists in several forms with different levels of severity. We therefore distinguish among others:

  • Bladder endometriosis
  • Digestive endometriosis
  • Peritoneal endometriosis
  • Ovarian endometriosis
  • Deep pelvic endometriosis..

Also, it is necessary to take into account the stage of endometriosis in each patient, to understand its manifestations. This is why some women suffer from this disease without feeling the symptoms, while others feel atrocious pain. It all depends in reality on the affected organs, and also on the depth of the propagation.

What are the causes of the’endometriosis ?

Before responding to the latter Question on endometriosis, It must first be emphasized that this disease manifests itself by the presence of endometrial fragments in the abdominal cavity. Thus, this phenomenon can be caused by several factors, which can be of environmental, genital or hormonal origin.

Regarding genetics, you should know that if you have women (sister or mother) in your family who suffer from endometriosis, then you are likely to develop this disease too.

Moreover, even if it is not a cause strictly speaking, it could be that the early onset of the first period in an adolescent girl is a factor that increases her chances of contracting this disease.

With regard to environmental factors, this may include, for example, exposure to toxic substances. In this regard, you should know that dioxin is a very dangerous substance and can cause endometriosis in some women. So you can contact your doctor or a specialist to learn a little more about it.

As you can see, each question about endometriosis Learn more about this disease. But unfortunately, there is no way to avoid it or protect yourself from it.

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