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What insurance should you take out?

Today, insurance represents a protection against all kinds of accidents, disasters or negative events that may occur in our lives. So there are different types of insurance for different areas and aspects of life. Some are mandatory, i.e. imposed by law, but the others are simply recommended.

The insurance to subscribe to be well protected

We generally have recourse to insurance to protect your life, that of your loved ones, and also your assets. It is a very efficient solution that not only helps us to protect our daily life from unfortunate and unexpected events, but also allows us to secure our future.

So if you want to be sure that you have good protection, you must first start to take out all the insurance required by law. But that's not all ! Then, you will also have the choice between the other insurances, not compulsory, but just as important.

L’car insurance

The car insurance is an insurance that you must subscribe to if you own a car. It applies to all motorized vehicles, which means motorcycles and scooters. You must subscribe to it as soon as you buy the vehicle and continue to pay the annuities each year, so that the insurance remains valid.

It is important to know that even cars that are no longer in use should be insured, because they can cause damage at any time. You must therefore have for your car, an insurance with the guarantee of Civil Liability at least. This is the minimum coverage you can have for a car, whether it is on the road or not.

However, depending on how often you use your vehicle, the distances you drive, or other factors, you can choose more complete insurance packages. You will be entitled to several guarantees, to be adapted according to your profile.

These formulas are more advantageous because they are more complete, and for this reason, the comprehensive insurance is generally the first choice for drivers who are looking for an insurance insurance to take out.

But don't buy insurance at random, or based on the choices or experiences of other drivers. There is a simpler and more reliable solution to find the formula best suited to your profile. In fact, to make your choice, go through a car insurance simulator to find out how much you need’it helps you to choose better.

If at some point you were to suffer a major loss, your insurance company would put an expert on your file to evaluate the exact amount of compensation you could receive. This will be a fairly substantial amount that will allow you to meet the expenses related to the repair of the damage, whether it is on the car or the driver's health.

L’home insurance

Home insurance is also a insurance to subscribe mandatory. It is, in fact, imposed by law, to all persons who have a home, whether it is a personal residence, a condominium or a rented home. It allows to cover the house in case of a potential disaster, and also protects the people who live there if they are affected in any way.

Most of the time, individuals or even companies choose to subscribe to a multi-risk home insurance. This is the most common type of home insurance policy. But of course, depending on your profile, you can find a formula that covers you more effectively.

You will have the choice of several guarantees, which protect you against risks such as :

  • Burglary
  • Fire insurance
  • Natural disasters, and many others.

L’travel insurance

This insurance to be taken out is not mandatory like the others, but is no less important. As its name indicates, it is an insurance that you can subscribe to when you travel. It allows you to deal with any problems that may arise once at your destination or even before your trip.

At this level, you should know that travel insurance can cover different aspects of your travel project. It protects you in case of :

  • Trip cancellation (you may be reimbursed to some extent)
  • Repatriation assistance in case of accident or illness during the trip
  • Theft, loss or destruction of luggage between arrival at the airport for boarding and arrival at your destination
  • Civil liability incurred abroad, etc.

L’health insurance

Health insurance is a insurance to which you can subscribe This type of insurance will reimburse you for certain health expenses related to an illness, disability, hospitalization, etc. This type of’The use of insurances will reimburse health expenses both related to work and to daily life.

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