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How to increase vitamin D naturally ?

Also called calciferol, vitamin D is a fat-soluble substance that is essential to the body. It is known as a product synthesized by the sun. However, it happens that the body encounters a deficiency in vitamin D. This can lead to weakness of muscles, bones and also chronic fatigue. When these symptoms appear, it is necessary to act as soon as possible. To do this, you need to boost your body’s vitamin D levels.

How ? Our tips for getting calciferol naturally in this article.

Why do I have a lack of vitamin D ?

For the WHO or World Health Organization, an adult person has his or her share of vitamin D with a level of 15 micrograms per day. For an infant, the calciferol in his body should be 10 micrograms. There is a deficit of vitamin D, as soon as the quantity is below these figures.

It is also necessary to take into account the fact that vitamin D needs can vary from one person to another. Several factors can influence this quantity, including the amount of sunshine in the region or the skin color of the person. In fact, 80% of vitamin D is obtained through exposure to sunlight.

From this information, you can understand that the more sun there is, the more vitamin D you will gain. In winter, when heat and sunlight are scarce, it is totally possible to be subject to a deficiency.

Who can be a victim of a lack of vitamin D ?

Everyone can have a vitamin D deficiency. But it depends on your lifestyle, your physical condition and even your diet.

You should know that nearly 80% of elderly people in Western countries are victims of this deficit. This is due to the fact that they are often confined to their homes, retirement homes or specialized residences. In addition, their bodies have difficulty synthesizing this vitamin D. This does not mean that young people and children are spared from this calciferol deficiency. This lack can develop in a person:

  • Who follows a vegan diet: this is a diet that excludes the consumption of animal products (fish, meat, eggs, dairy products…);
  • Who do not get much, if any, exposure to the sun: because of a skin disease, a disability, systematically wearing clothes that cover too much or living in a region with little sunshine;
  • Who has an intestinal disease such as celiac and cystic fibrosis, kidney failure
  • Who have dark skin: the melanin in their skin makes it difficult to synthesize vitamin D. This is necessary to facilitate the absorption of food in the intestines and the elimination of waste in the kidneys.

How to have vitamin D naturally ?

You don’t need a vitamin D injection to solve this deficiency problem. Less radical and more natural solutions are available to you. Which ones ?


It is the best natural source of vitamin D available. To increase the level of vitamin D in your body, nothing is better than a little sunbathing. By staying in the sun for more than 5 minutes a day, you can meet up to 90% of your body’s needs.

For more effectiveness, do this exposure about 2 to 3 times a week. Ideally, choose the time between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., when the UV rays are more important. If you live in a region with very little sunshine, it is recommended that you consider a stay in the sun for a few weeks.

Organic food supplements

Choose products made from natural ingredients to complete your vitamin D quota. However, this procedure requires a prior visit to the doctor. This consultation is essential to know the dosage of calciferol suitable for your body.

Which foods contain vitamin D ?

You can also get some vitamin D through your diet. However, you should know that there are not many foods that have this vitamin in quantity. To have a lot, you will have to increase the quantity and frequency of consumption of these products. In this category, you have :

  • Fatty fish (tuna, salmon, herring, etc.);
  • Eggs;
  • Dairy products;
  • Soy milk drinks;
  • Beef liver ;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Cod liver oil.

Besides, this is among the most famous grandmother’s tricks to get vitamin D naturally.

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