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Senior: how to exercise gently ?

Sports are highly recommended for seniors. Exercising beyond the age of 50 is not risky if you are not in good physical condition’The activity is adapted to the physical condition and the age of the person’health condition of the person. Numerous studies have shown that sports can reduce the risk of losing weight’balance in seniors and the elderly’Maintain the cognitive abilities that diminish with age’age.

However, precautions should be taken before embarking on hiking trails or going to a gym. How to exercise gently after a certain age ? What kind of age’sports activities to practice after 50 years old ?

Seniors: precautions to take before playing sports

When the’s age, the body does not need to be changed’obeys more correctly to physical solicitations. All functions (cognitive and physical) decrease, muscle mass decreases, and joints become more and more painful. In addition, many people in their 50s are depressed and gain weight after retirement.

What to do in this case ? To get started, you can find practical advice on sites dedicated to seniors such as Happy Quinquas and Seniors, to boost your morale.

In addition to online advice, you can practicing a physical activity. Physical effort is difficult, if not impossible for some seniors. However, to age better and take care of your joints, it is essential to do sports. If you are decided, know that’There are precautions to take before starting:

  • Take a health check-up with a specialist’a doctor,
  • call a sports coach,
  • having the right equipment.

Do a health check-up with a cardiologist’a doctor

In addition to the injuries (sprains, cramps or tendonitis) that can occur when walking or hiking, it is also a good idea to check your health’In addition to the risk of injury, poorly controlled physical exercise can be a serious problem’a hat or cap’a cardiovascular accident. C’This is why seniors are advised to have a health check-up with their doctor before doing any sport. This one will be able, according to your physical condition and your state of health, determine the type of clothing you want to wear’The right activity for you.

Your doctor can advise you to use the services of a specialist’a cardiologist who will do a cardiac assessment. This will test your heart rateœIt is a good idea to bring a raincoat when doing physical exercises.

Call on a sports coach

Hiring a sports coach is the best solution to keep in shape and do sports gently. His presence will allow you to’avoid many mistakes (bad rhythm, bad postures…) that can cause tears or injuries and complicate your life. Which muscles to work ? Why work a particular body part ? How to exercise without back pain ? When and why to stretch ? So many questions that this professional is able to answer.

At first, it will take care to avoid many mistakes’Assess your level of fitness, and don’t forget to take into account your medical history. Then, you will define together an exercise plan’personalized training. As a good trainer, he will be able to motivate and encourage you when you feel like letting go of everything.

Adopt equipment adapted to the practice of sport

Hiking is a gentle physical activity that can be done with the help of a physician’you can practice at any age (we’ll come back to this). If you choose to do this sport with friends to keep in shape, make sure you are well equipped. You will need :

  • a walking stick for your stability,
  • a backpack with the bare necessities to avoid back pain’have a bad back,
  • hiking boots,
  • a hat or cap.

As for clothing, opt for shorts or Bermuda shorts. Those who want to’If you want to venture into the woods, you must protect yourself with a pair of pants. For the top, your choices will be made according to the climatic conditions.

However, do not’don&#8217t forget to bring a waterproof garment like a k-way.

If you prefer to exercise indoors or at home, you should choose The doctor can advise you to use good fitness equipment that will take care of your joints. To do this, you will also need to have the right equipment’help from’a sports coach.

Now, let’s talk about the types of sports adapted to seniors.

Types of sports for seniors

Once all the precautions are taken, seniors can practice many sports activities among which :

  • yoga,
  • walking,
  • hiking,
  • swimming,
  • Cycling,
  • l’water aerobics,
  • Dancing,
  • Taï-chi.

Yoga to relieve the joints

Yoga, a good activity for seniors

A study conducted by an American university has shown that practicing yoga can relieve pain caused by the use of a foot bath’arthritis, a joint disease that is very common among the elderly. This activity strengthens the muscles that support the joints, while improving the quality of life’range of motion. Yoga also has a positive impact on the mind, as it is a great way to improve the quality of life’it allows to release the whole body gently’It helps to strengthen the muscles that support the joints and to feel calm and at ease.

However, the benefits will only be visible if you have the right training’after regular training sessions.

Walking and hiking are basic activities that require a lot of physical effort’the whole body gently

It is advisable to Doing about 10.000 not daily to maintain its form. Walking is the sport of choice for seniors. C’is a basic activity that the’It can be practiced anywhere.

It is ideal to work the muscles gently.

More strenuous than walking, hiking is beneficial for the cardio-respiratory system, especially when you have a lot of exercise’we go beyond 1500 meters of altitude’altitude. Walks in the mountains or in unspoiled landscapes will allow you to free yourself from the stress of the day’mind and breathe the’Fresh air.

Choose swimming to work on your motor skills

Swimming puts a lot of strain on your arm, leg and back muscles. Not only does it have a positive impact on breathing capacity, but it also allows you to work on your motor skills. Studies have shown that this sport is ideal for people who suffer from’osteoarthritis.

However, it is not advisable to dive into the’cold water after having suffered from the cold’an angina pectoris.

Cycling is a great way to keep your heart rate upœHeart and arteries

Did you know that’Half an hour of cycling a week would be enough to get you to dance’provide relative protection against coronary artery disease ? The bike is not’It is not a miracle cure for cardiovascular disease. Nevertheless, the practice of this activity helps to stimulate cardiovascular health. In short, pedaling is good for the blood circulation and the cœur.

Work on your flexibility with gentle gymnastics and exercise’water aerobics

Gentle gymnastics is one of the most popular sports for people in their fifties. It allows you to’You can maintain your muscles, your balance and your breathing, without brutality. It can be done to maintain your muscles, balance and strength’It is a basic activity that can be done at home, in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony, with a floor mat.

Have fun with dance classes

Choose the types of dance you like and hit the floor ! In addition to having fun, you will have the opportunity to’Occasionally, it can be used as an exercise tool’improve your mobility and balance while reducing joint stiffness. Dancing is an activity that is mostly done in groups. It is therefore ideal for to reduce the symptomsômy associates to the’isolation and depression, since’it allows you to meet new people’other people.

The taï-chi, an ideal martial art to work on the body’balance and strength

It is estimated that’Approximately 400,000 seniors fall accidentally every year in the U.S’Hexagon. Nearly 12,000 d’between them die. This is the leading cause of death in people over 65 years.

More dynamic than gentle exercise, chi is aï-chi is ideal for reducing the risk of falls in the elderly. This martial art allows you to work on your balance, strength and independence.

In addition, it is advisable to drink during sport in order to avoid depression’be dehydrated. This could cause injury. After an hour of’When it comes to physical effort, drink a liter of water’water in small sips.

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